Seattle Film Summit: Shortastic NW Films

March 2, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Carco Theatre
1717 Maple Valley Hwy
Renton Washington 98057

The Seattle Film Summit in partnership with TheFilmSchool, Bigfoot Script Challenge, Northwest Screenwriters Guild, Mighty Tripod Productions and Carco Theatre presents the first of 2019 Seattle Film Summit event series.

Join us as we screen several local shorts and give input on the projects. Most films are completed projects but some are in the final stages of post production. Let’s enjoy, provide feedback, and continue our rising tide mentality!


The Son The Father – Seattle Film Summit original content
You’re Goddamn Right I Do – Donald Wickman
Dextrose 8 – Kyle Stersic and Merritt Crocker
Jameson – Renton City Comic Con
Haunted Wharf – Ethel and the Merman – Heather Pilder Olson
Spoon – Adam Al-Ghosien and Cameron Lee Price
The Scottish Play – Episode 6 – Magnussen Media Group LLC
Yoga for Salvador – Stefan Hajek
Promises Kept – Kameko Thomas Vonem Creative Media
The Party – Chris Wyatt
Crowbar (Trailer) – Lee Ryan CostonThe Scottish Play – Episode 6 – Magnussen Media Group LLC